Flexso Extension Series

Flexso Extension Series

Flexso for People - - Veranstaltungen

As an early adopter of innovation, we are proud to present the Flexso Extension Series. New ideas, trends and solutions follow each other in quick succession, both inside and outside of SAP. In 7 webinars, you will discover the latest and hottest SAP solution extensions to get the maximum value from the standard SAP solutions you are already using. 

On August 27, the webinar will revolve around SAP SuccessFactors extensions.

The webinar has ended
Supercharge your HR with SAP SuccessFactors. Find out how we can cover you

What to expect?

Discover how to add even more value to your SAP SuccessFactors implementation with Flexso HR accelerators: Competency Matrix, Training Request Manager, Extended Workforce Registration and Resume Matching cockpit, including built-in AI by TechWolf. 
Presented by Bart Van Hove and Nico Deleener

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