Professional HR processes? Farys|TMVW chooses SAP SuccessFactors!

Professional HR processes? Farys|TMVW chooses SAP SuccessFactors!

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The role of human resources has changed drastically over the past few years. Your HR team now coaches people, provides training and development programs and has to conquer the ‘war for talent’ to find the right people. How do you streamline all these tasks? Flemish service provider Farys|TMVW chose an HRIS solution in the cloud: SAP SuccessFactors. The ‘Learning’ and ‘Recruiting’ modules are now up and running. 

More transparency, consistency and efficiency

You thought that public service providers are not ready for the transition to digital and/or the cloud? Farys|TMVW proves you wrong. When the organization decided to professionalize its processes in order to work faster, more efficiently and more transparently, they realized they needed a new HR platform. Flexso for People appeared to be the right partner; SAP SuccessFactors the right solution. As SAP’s cloud-based HR platform immediately instilled confidence, Farys|TMVW was not afraid of moving to the cloud.

“Self service solutions were high on the priority list, as Farys|TMVW believes that autonomy really motivates employees. Moreover, self service solutions free up the HR people of administration, so that they can focus on tasks that add real value.” 
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Learning & Development

Continuous development has become a must, also at Farys|TMVW: the service provider encourages every employee to develop themselves. Some workers are even required to follow a number of training courses each year in order to obtain or maintain the certificates they need to perform their job. There were, however, hardly any processes to manage the training offering until SuccessFactors was introduced. Hence the decision to kick off the SuccessFactors project with the ‘Learning’ module.

Self service solutions, which allow the staff to manage their own trainings, were high on the priority list, as Farys|TMVW absolutely wants to put its people first. The organization is confident that autonomy truly motivates employees. Moreover, it frees up the HR team of administrative tasks, allowing them to focus on tasks that add real value.

The benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Learning:

  • Empowerment: every employee has access to his/her personal training history and learning plan, chooses his/her training courses and registers.
  • Time savings: employees search for their preferred training courses in the online catalogue themselves and register, approvals are made via automatic workflows to the manager.
  • Smooth user acceptance: user-friendly interface (with integration to Outlook) so that every employee can get started with the software quickly.
  • Compliance: some workers get automatic updates to warn them there is a training course on the agenda that they need to follow in order to obtain or maintain a certain certificate.
  • Total workforce: integration of external target groups such as partners.
  • Better insight into training courses – and therefore competencies – of internal and external employees thanks to the extensive reporting possibilities. 

Recruit more efficiently, faster and better

A second SAP SuccessFactors module that clearly bears fruit at Farys|TMVW is ‘Recruiting’. “Recruiting processes have always been mainly manual processes. SAP SuccessFactors changed that. As Farys|TMVW is active in the public sector, we did not get full carte blanche when setting up the processes, yet the new system combines all the requirements we had,” says the HR team. 

Recruit more efficiently, faster and better

Today, Farys|TMVW recruits both civil servants and contractors in one single system that is centrally managed. The benefits of SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting:

  • More efficient, faster and better recruiting, thanks to:
  • Central management of all the candidates;
  • Overview of different procedures on a dashboard;
  • Smooth resume management;
  • Integration of recruiting by external agencies;
  • Faster selection procedures;
  • Exhaustive automation.

Do you have plans to take your HR processes to the cloud? Get in touch. We’ll be happy to help. 

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