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In the past, when people read the word chatbot, probably most of them visualized a sort of humanlike-machine working, under the supervision of a person. Luckily, we evolved and is this an outdated idea. This virtually ‘communication-bots’ and AI can take over or help us with some tasks in its entirety and operate independently. They have proven to be very useful in recent years.

Why Attend?

These days the current way of working is transitioning very fast, not only the way of working itself or the content, but the workplace itself develops too. This instigates a new trend in HR strategy, where future technologies, such as chatbots and AI are given a more prominent role.

The HR & technology fair is a day to connect with fellow peers and to get inspired. It's an event for the community of
HR -professionals with a strong interest in the constant evolution in the landscape where HR and technology meet halfway.
Flexso for People, an HR SAP design-minded technology company is proud to announce that our colleagues Stefanie & Tommy, will represent us at the first edition of The HR & technology fair at Howest.

For Who
HR professionals, Students and technology enthusiasts.

Howest Campus Brugge Station - RSS I Rijselstraat 1 I 8200 Brugge
(At the back of the Bruges Station)

March 30, 10:00 until 16:30

Free entrance!
But if you want to be a part of it and learn from the session that our colleagues will give? Don’t forget to register yourself.

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