A smooth ride to your next job

A smooth ride to your next job

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Public transport provider De Lijn loves precision, smoothness and progress. Flexso for People incorporated this into a new, well-oiled job site that is seamlessly integrated into the SAP HCM system. This means it does not only convince by its looks.

“De Lijn wants to be a lean company that delivers precise and punctual services, which explains the big investments we make in reorganizing our processes. SAP HCM, our new HR software package – which includes tools for recruitment and selection – is a great example of our modernization efforts.”
Geert Van Kerckhove, recruitment and development manager at De Lijn. 

The result?

Today, De Lijn has access to a pool of applicants that can be consulted before a new job opening is posted online. If a new candidate is hired, their coordinates are automatically integrated into the ‘SAP HCM Payroll Administration’ module. 

The result?
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