Closer collaboration between Flexso for People and SD Worx

Closer collaboration between Flexso for People and SD Worx

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“As a customer of SD Worx and Flexso alike, we look forward to a closer collaboration between the two organisations. Optimum integration between the two systems unburdens our administration and allows us to focus on the added value of HR. We are confident that this offering will only serve to affirm our trust in SD Worx and Flexso”
Terumo Europe HR Services Manager Danny Carels comments.

Focus on added value

Together with SD Worx, we will build a standardised component that links the SuccessFactors to SD Worx’s proprietary payroll engine. This will enable organisations to organise their entire HR more easily, including their payroll administration.

Central bird’s eye perspective, internationally applicable

“SAP SuccessFactors holds a wealth of potential: an increasing number of organisations in Belgium are embracing this cloud HR software. Flexso is a SAP staple on the Belgian market. Combining our joint experience and expertise enables us to offer organisations a smooth-paced and stable integration between SAP SuccessFactors and our payroll engine. This gives organisations the best of both worlds. In addition it is eminently suited to roll out certain processes within the organisation at an international level, whilst retaining a full central bird’s eye perspective through a single dashboard. This brings plenty of opportunities for our international customers”
SD Worx’s SAP business unit manager Bart Jonkers

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