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COVID-19 has made it abundantly clear: e-learning is the future. Continuous learning benefits both companies and employees, but how do you organise it and garner support for it within your organisation? Alain Molinard (BASF), Jeremy Van Leekwyck (CrossKnowledge), Mieke Vermeiren (Agoria), Valerie Declerck (Facilicom), Bram Lievrouw (VDAB) and Flexso’s own Bart Van Hove talked about the importance of continuous learning and the cultural shift required to instill it in your organisation.

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Catalysing a cultural shift

E-learning is gaining popularity due to necessity. But simply having a digital training offering in place isn’t enough, according to Bart. “E-learning does not replace classroom training, but complements it. It shouldn't be a novelty, but for many organisations it still is. That’s why a cultural shift is essential. Offer the same tools your employees use in their private lives. They look things up on YouTube, or using apps on their smartphone. More and more employees – certainly millennials – are demanding the same resources, tools and mindset on the work floor, but many organisations are still struggling with this.”

“E-learning does not replace classroom training, but complements it.”
Bart Van Hove, Competence Lead at Flexso for People

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