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E-book: on-prem and cloud transformation options for SAP HCM

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The SAP cloud is mature, optimised for S/4HANA and ready for your HR processes – but is your business ready to make the move?

Cloud-based solutions like SAP SuccessFactors respond to growing trends, including employee self service, mobility, the rising demand for flexible development options and more. But with the upcoming release of SAP HCM for SAP S/4HANA, you don’t need to move everything to the cloud all at once

Cloud transformation options for SAP HCM
  • Upcoming changes to SAP solutions that may affect your HR processes
  • Different strategies for digital HR transformation, including moving to the cloud
  • Ins and outs of on-premise vs. cloud-based SAP HR platforms and individual functionalities
  • Real-life case studies illustrating different transformation approaches

The time to transform is now – stay prepared with the latest insights from our experienced team. Still have questions? Get in touch.


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