Energizing Elia’s on- and offboarding processes

Energizing Elia’s on- and offboarding processes

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How do you decide if your new employer suits you? Job content, of course, but first impressions matter more than you think. A messy, unorganized onboarding can cost you your best talent . That’s why Elia decided to make the first days in the office as welcoming as possible. Find out how.

"In a world that’s becoming more and more complex (high security needs, hybrid IT-landscapes, multiple back-end systems), we were able to simplify and harmonize our check-in and check-out processes with Fiori. On top of that, we did away with sleepless nights before our yearly audit." 
Joris Cuypers, IT ERP Manager

Elia is Belgium’s high-voltage transmission system operator. Managing over 8,000 km of lines and underground cables, this company plays a crucial role in the community and the economy. An internal study showed the growing need to hire new people to complement or supplement the current workforce. This sparked the idea to rework Elia’s on- and offboarding processes for smoothness. And smiles, of course. 

Our goals

  • Get new employees ready to work on day 1.
  • Get rid of the overload of forms managers have to deal with.
  • Create a user-friendly interface.
  • Improve the level of control on external resources.
  • Comply with audit rules.

An integrated approach

To get this job done, a number of processes and departments had to be able to interact easily: HR, Purchasing & operations, Security, Facilities and IT. Luckily, this is right up our sleeve. Putting SAP at the center of all data, as master of Active Directory and a Badge Management System, we created a panoramic view of all on- and offboarding moves. Next up: ease of use. 

"Thanks to Check-out we recuperate more IT- material than ever."
Nele Henkens, IT Project Manager

Easy does it

Thanks to the creation and implementation of a new Fiori app named “check-in form“, the process flow received a big boost. This app serves as an interface to onboard both internals and externals, for which it automatically creates a personnel number and an approval flow, rounded off by a trigger for all other requests (badge, PC, UserID, e-mail account). Job done. At the other end of the employee lifecycle, a check-out form was created that closes all access points and starts the recuperation process of IT material. 

Do you want to know how to build a solid employer brand and get all round smiles? Download the story.

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