Flexso and SD Worx boost international HR management

Flexso and SD Worx boost international HR management

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Last year, Flexso for People joined forces with SD Worx to increase the efficiency of HR management. In the past our collaboration was ad-hoc for projects, but now we are taking things a step further. We have developed a method of integrating SAP SuccessFactors with SD Connect, making it easy for SD Worx to connect their payroll systems with the HR data of their international clients. 

International payroll management

The leading social secretariat SD Worx provides numerous HR and payroll services for its clients, ranging from holiday calculation to legal support, training and automation. Many of these clients have international employees and this sometimes causes difficulties. After all, national social and fiscal legislation varies greatly from country to country, as do the HR tools used by the different organizations.

This makes collecting the right information efficiently extremely complicated. SD Worx therefore developed SD Connect, a future-proof, standardized tool which makes it easy to integrate their payroll systems with the various HR systems used by their clients. 

Meet SD Connect

SD Connect is based on a data model developed by SD Worx, also known as the canonical data model. SD Connect gathers and stores information from various different systems in a uniform way. In concrete terms, the various HR systems send data to SD Connect, for example if an employee changes address or is hired. The tool puts all this information into a set of data, which it then uses to generate input to feed the payroll systems of SD Worx. 

Meet SD Connect

Smooth flow

The challenge for SD Worx: to ensure that all the information flows to and from SD Connect completely, quickly and correctly. This is not easy, as there are so many HR systems on the market. They all need to communicate seamlessly with SD Connect.

SAP SuccessFactors is one of these systems. This is where SD Worx and Flexso for People meet: we integrated SAP SuccessFactors with SD Connect in a flexible way, allowing organizations to simply plug their existing HR systems into the tool. It's a win-win situation, as there is no need for customers to adapt their existing systems. In addition, SD Worx automatically receives the correct information via SD Connect, to guarantee a perfect payroll calculation.

“SD Worx has a huge amount of experience with payroll calculation, while Flexso for People knows SAP SuccessFactors inside out. Bringing the two together is a logical step.”
Nathalie Beernaerts, project manager at Flexso for People

Ready to make your HR processes more efficient? Contact us, we will be delighted to help you. 

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