Stay on top of your HR-game

Stay on top of your HR-game

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How do you attract and retain the workforce needed to achieve your company’s goals?

Chances are that you are fighting a war for talent. Especially if your company needs science, technology, engineering and mathematics profiles. And even if you find them, they are hard to retain and motivate while you try to stick to your budget. So how do you deal with this?

The short answer is vision. You need to stay in touch with the changes that are taking place in today’s global economy. These are three main pillars:

Demographic changes
Women are taking up jobs at an unprecedented rate in emerging markets. In new marked, increased workforce mobility fosters growing cultural diversity. And on top of that, we all have to work longer and retire later, which means that you could have up to five generations working together in one company.

Technological changes
Digital disruption or convergence are here to stay. They are not fads. Spurred on by new technologies such as mobile, big data etc., newcomers have found ways to become game changers in record time. Think Uber. Or Airbnb. An HR department should harness the power of creative thinkers. They will keep innovating, with or without you.

Organization of work
What used to be a primarily permanent workforce, now consists of a mix between part-timers, freelancers or temporary employees. This trend is gaining momentum, so HR departments should keep up and find out how to cater to their entirely different needs, wants and expectations. 

How can HCM tools help?

By acknowledging that these changes are not only challenges, but also opportunities. There’s a multitude of smart, cutting-edge technologies tapping into them that guarantee your progress in this fast-paced world. Read more about what we can do for your HR policy.

Cloud-based HR is a big first step towards organizational transformation. As it simplifies day-to-day processes, creates strategic advantages and increases workforce insight and performance, it’s no suprise that it’s becoming a global trend:

  • 56% of all HCM systems are in the cloud as of 2015¹
  • 70% of HCM technology deals are in the cloud²
  • 88% of HR professionals want to increase their technology spend in 2016³ 

The power of SuccessFactors

Since SAP acquired SuccessFactors, a provider of cloud-based HCM solutions, in 2012, it has significantly extended the SuccessFactors suite. SAP now is the current, Gartner acknowledged, leader in cloud HR services. The HCM solutions on offer cover all bases, helping HR departments around the world face their challenges, redefine their roles and truly add value to their organization.

The power of SuccessFactors

SuccessFactors encompasses all pillars of talent management (recruiting, onboarding, learning, performance & goals, succession & development, and compensation management), as well as a modern set of global Core HR called Employee Central capabilities (employee recordkeeping, organizational management, payroll, HR helpdesk, etc.).

talent management

Every employee in the company, every potential user of the HR systems, benefits from a modern user experience. Whether they are full time, part time, contingent, contractor, manager or executive, the usability of HR systems should be on par with the applications used in their day-to-day activities on their mobile devices. And they expect to be able to consume HR data on the go, all the time. By delivering precisely this, as well as collaborative and social capable applications, Successfactors is unmatched in both width and depth.

Flexso for People can help you optimize and support your HR policy with SuccessFactors solutions. Read on or get in touch.

¹Source: Sierra-Cedar 

²Source: Nucleus Research

³Source: Towers Watson

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