How to digitalise your company's external training requests

How to digitalise your company's external training requests

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More and more organisations stimulate their employees to expand their knowledge through in-house or even external training. But keeping track of all training courses and their connected requests – particularly for external trainings – can be difficult. That’s why Flexso developed the Training Request Manager (TRM): a convenient tool for your HR department that integrates seamlessly with your SuccessFactors Learning Management Systems (LMS). Here’s how it works.

What is the Flexso Training Request Manager?

The Flexso Training Request Manager enables you to keep track of the external training courses taken by employees of your organisation via one single, efficient process, by defining specific approval workflows. The tool is a certified SAP SuccessFactors extension that makes external courses available to your employees and allows them to submit open requests for unlisted courses. 

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Advantages of the Flexso Training Request Manager

  • One clear overview
    The Training Request Manager offers an intuitive dashboard, listing all pending and approved training requests as well as a history of previous requests. The user gets an overview of all processes in which they are involved as either a requester, approver or participant. Administrators and managers, for example, can submit learning requests for groups of learners by including a specific number of seats or by naming learners individually. Learners can also file requests on their own behalf.
  • Easy collaboration
    No matter if the application is used by one training administrator or a whole training organisation, everyone can manage their part of the request flow for their responsibilities. At the end of the process flow, it’s possible to follow up by asking participants to confirm whether or not they attended. Finally, the learning session is recorded as completed and automatically filed away.
  • Increased efficiency
    Create a one-stop shop for all your external training management activities, from process coordination to full documentation and data storage. From request to resolution, the Training Request Manager handles it all. Participants even receive notifications via customisable, multilingual email templates.
  • Entirely customisable
    The standard TRM form comes packed with functionalities, such as the ability to choose between a specific or general external training request. Additionally, Flexso can customise the form, labels, workflows, emails and even the supporting business logic to fit your needs.
  • Full integration into the LMS of SAP SuccessFactors
    Your training admins can push the request through to the LMS directly from the Training Request Manager, automatically create the item and corresponding scheduled offering and enrol the participant. External training requests can also be fully reported on using the SuccessFactors reporting feature. 

Want to optimise the management of external training requests in your organisation? Contact us for a free demo.

Advantages of the Flexso Training Request Manager
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