Onboarding 2.0: 5 benefits of a modern onboarding process

Onboarding 2.0: 5 benefits of a modern onboarding process

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To get ahead in the war for talent, companies invest a lot of resources in high-quality recruitment processes. However, in the search for new employees, the importance of onboarding is often overlooked. A modern and inclusive onboarding process ensures that your candidates have an enjoyable experience from application until day one on the job – and throughout their careers at your organisation as well. But that’s not all: here are five major benefits of Onboarding 2.0, for both companies and applicants.

What is Onboarding 2.0?
Onboarding 2.0 is the updated onboarding solution of the SAP SuccessFactors suite. It is based on the same platform as Employee Central, which means that it has more possibilities for integration, reduces double functionality and provides the opportunity of using MDF Objects. Furthermore, the hiring manager can delegate tasks, there are more offboarding features available and the solution’s role-based permission approach supports the whole Onboarding module.

Compare Onboarding 1.0 with 2.0

1. Accurate and reliable data

Maintaining a full and correct profile for your (potential) new employee is vital for your HR administration. Additionally, you don’t want to add information twice or miss key details. The Onboarding 2.0 platform centralizes multiple sources, such as email, paper, calls and more and combines job function and corporate data with the applicant’s personal data to create a complete profile before the new employee’s first working day. Thanks to the embedded SAP Analytics Cloud, this data can also be used for reporting.

2. Transparent and clear communication

When hiring a new employee, clear communication is key. To enable this, Onboarding 2.0 provides a single platform that connects and informs all involved parties. The hiring manager is in the lead and prepares for the new employee via a ‘new hire’ task list. The recruiter follows up on each employee’s progress via the Onboarding Dashboard. In turn, the new employee gets updates whenever new information – such as the name of their mentor – is available. And finally, other parties are informed via notifications if they need to take action. 

3. Increased efficiency through extensive integration

In order to quickly and easily make your new employee part of the organisation, Onboarding 2.0 is integrated with SFSF Employee Central, Recruitment Management, Performance and Goals, SAP Jam and Learning Management System by default. And since Onboarding is built on EC Platform Technology, it is also easily integrated with other tools such as Qualtrics, Document Generation Tool, DocuSign and more.

4. A chance for your new employee to prepare

Even before their first day on the job, the new employee has access to the Onboarding module. This allows them to enter their personal data, browse interesting information (mentor/buddy details, direct colleagues, meetings on their first days) and lets them start on any required learning modules.

5. Connected throughout the entire employee lifecycle

Onboarding 2.0 keeps you connected with your new employee even after recruitment. By following up on your new employee before their first day, but also throughout their career and any transfers within your company (crossboarding) as well as eventual offboarding, you provide them with a positive and complete experience that is sure to reflect well on your company’s reputation.

Onboarding 2.0: the future of recruitment
Currently, Onboarding 2.0 can only be set up together with Employee Central. However, integration support for both external HRIS systems and SAP ERP HCM will be added in spring 2020, as will embedded DocuSign features, the ability to create custom offboarding processes and a way of processing “no-shows”.
In the next two years, SAP will also be offering Onboarding 1.0 to 2.0 migration tools. Also on the radar: automatic and mass hire, contingent workforce support and new hire communities for social onboarding.

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