SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q3: improved CRM and personalized learning

SAP SuccessFactors 2018 Q3: improved CRM and personalized learning

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The third SAP SuccessFactors release of the year has arrived, and boy, it’s a good one. Updates include improved tools for candidate relationship management and expanded use of machine learning for personalized learning recommendations. Get up to speed with this overview. 

Engage candidates and track campaign results

For every job opening, there are only four candidates available. These figures from Steunpunt Werk may have recently caught your attention. Indeed: the war for talent is raging on at an unprecedented intensity. All the more reason to optimize your candidate relationship management (CRM) to attract the top profiles for your organization.

The latest update of the SuccessFactors Recruiting solution helps you do exactly that by introducing enhanced e-mail campaigns. These allow you to:

  • send email marketing campaigns to thousands of internal or external candidates;
  • get candidate replies right in your inbox using custom reply-to addresses;
  • select email layouts with ease, ensuring brand consistency;
  • track emails to understand campaign effectiveness and improve candidate marketing on an ongoing basis. 

Personalize learning recommendations

Attracting valuable profiles is one thing but making sure your employees keep evolving may be just as important. What better way to do that than to stimulate life-long learning? That’s where SAP SuccessFactors comes in.

This release features relevant and personalized learning recommendations powered by machine learning capabilities offered by SAP Leonardo. These make it easier for employees to find interesting courses without having to search through the entire learning catalog.

To create the recommendations, SAP SuccessFactors applies machine learning algorithms to profile information and employees’ previous learning activities. Employees can also help maximize the relevance of the suggested courses by indicating their interests. 

Other highlights

The SAP SuccessFactors Q3 update offers several other innovations and enhancements to help you transform your HR operations, increase employee engagement and deliver results. Want the complete picture? Download the release highlights here.

Download the release highlights

One of them is the redesigned Android mobile app, which takes full advantage of native Android device functionality. The app lets employees use their favorite SuccessFactors functionalities in a familiar, intuitive way.

Additionally, the release also supports your global workforce with enhanced multilanguage support offered by the SAP Jam™ collaboration platform. This means that pretranslated documents uploaded on the platform are presented to employees based on their preferred language. The HR department could, for example, share information on employee benefits, which is then shown to employees in the language they selected on their profiles.

Don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you want to learn more! We’re more than happy to help you employ SAP SuccessFactors to its fullest potential. 

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