SAP SuccessFactors is making a big splash at water-link

SAP SuccessFactors is making a big splash at water-link

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Water-link is an Antwerp-based company that has provided drinking water to customers since 1880. They pride themselves on their focus on circular water consumption, intelligent monitoring and smart partnerships. In 2018, they embarked on a quest for greater HR digitalisation. Their key goal? User empowerment. 

A comprehensive roadmap towards HR professionalisation

Without the right people and the right enablement tools, even the most ambitious company is bound for failure. A combination of high growth, a new way of working, a focus on employer branding and a strong commitment to professionalising their HR organisation led water-link to seek Flexso for People’s assistance.

“We helped the water-link HR team identify SAP SuccessFactors as the ideal HR digitalisation platform for their 500-strong workforce,” Goedele Swannet, project manager and solution architect at Flexso for People, explains. “The Recruiting and Learning modules were implemented first, as the biggest need for digitalisation was in these two areas, resulting in quick wins for both HR and the business.”

Empowering administrators, workers and candidates

Beginning in July 2018, the Flexso for People team began rolling out the SAP SuccessFactors Recruiting and Learning modules. The modules went live in January and February 2019, respectively.
“Even after just one month, we started harvesting the fruits of the Recruiting module. The consistent employer branding, user friendliness and easy follow-up led to less administration and more people visiting the website,” explains Joke Meuris, talent and training officer at water-link. “The hiring managers are now involved in a structured approval flow, and the talent pipeline is easier to work with as all candidate profiles are maintained in a central place.”

“Even after just one month, the Recruiting module’s consistent employer branding, user friendliness and easy follow-up had already led to less administration and more people visiting the website.”
Joke Meuris, talent and training officer at water-link

On the learning side, water-link’s environment and requirements are specific to the utility delivery domain. In addition to important audit requirements, the company employs many blue-collar workers, making training and training compliance a key priority. 

“Workers may be required to show a certificate to access a location – and they used to accomplish this task by calling around and sending e-mails. With the SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Solution, accreditations can be shared via the SuccessFactors mobile app installed on tablets,” Goedele continues. More, the module professionalises and digitalises learning processes, which used to be paper based and relied almost exclusively on a single person. Today, these processes are mainly automated. “Online training materials are available 24/7, and the learning responsible can follow up in a hassle-free way,” adds Joke. “We’ve already planned in 40 additional training sessions and are in the process of developing e-learning modules as well.”


Digitising complex, paper-based processes

“Water-link has a future-focussed HR environment – their team is adaptable and really enthusiastic about taking these steps forward,” Goedele asserts. “It is inspiring to be a part of this journey.”

In mid-May, the water-link team presented their HR professionalisation story at the HR Leadership Summit in Genval, Belgium. However, it was not simply a tech story; their journey is founded on flexibility, drive, and change management within the unique water utility environment in Belgium.
Joke: “In introducing this solution, we have already seen our focus on administration go down, and our focus on even better services increase.” However, the Flexso for People team didn’t stop with these two modules. Goedele: “Even though we kicked off the project with Learning and Recruiting, we helped water-link plan out an entire roadmap for HR professionalisation that continues into the next few years.”

Next on the implementation roadmap is to create a central source of HR master data through Employee Central, making employee and manager self-service available (ESS/MSS) to enable higher data quality and extended HR reporting and analytics. SuccessFactors Goals & Performance Management, Succession & Development and Onboarding are also in the pipeline for 2019-2020.

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The business benefits

  • Centralised, audit-friendly repository for learning and recruitment data.
  • Built-in training compliance mechanisms.
  • Mobile-friendly interface.
  • Automated, digitalised learning and recruitment processes, including streamlined workflows.
  • A reputation as a forward-thinking, digital-first company leads to more and better candidates.
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