SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019: a detailed overview of new features.

SAP SuccessFactors Q2 2019: a detailed overview of new features.

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They say that change is never easy, and that people like to stick to what they know... We beg to differ, especially when it comes to the quarterly SuccessFactors releases. With great excitement, we have dived into all new features and selected our personal favourites. Read on to discover all the goodies in this release.

5 updates you can’t miss out on

  1. Follow-up on all communication to and from (!) candidates in Message Center.
  2. Get continuous feedback from your employees and align your business decisions with it. The new Employee Experience Management tools will help you improve employee experiences in no time.
  3. Select up to 100 top candidates to follow in the Candidate Activity Feed and never miss out on an interesting lead again.
  4. The ‘Ask HR’ functionality in the mobile application allows for flexible communication and follow-up on HR issues by all involved parties.
  5. SAP continues to enable the intelligent enterprise, this time by focusing on streamlining incentive compensation across the SAP Cloud.

Get a visual walkthrough of all updates in this short video by SAP:

Manage employee data more effectively

The improvements in Employee Central are all about swift and customised employee management.

  • In the New Hire Wizard, hire an employee and end their term in a one-step process.
  • Get earlier access to an employee’s data in case of internal transfers.
  • View an incumbent’s name in the Succession Talent Card.
  • Additional filter possibilities in Manage Documents, e.g. by document category or respective user.
  • Open Manage Positions from the Position quick card and immediately synchronise changes.

Quicker follow-up on and more personalised approach to candidates

To save time in the recruiting process, mass onboarding of multiple new employees can be triggered for one job requisition. Besides this, the new ‘Detailed Query tool’ simplifies the retrieval of candidate and job-level detail data. We already know the ‘Refer Job to Friend’ feature, which is now complemented by the ‘Refer Friend to Job’ functionality. And lastly, to configure job boards for Recruiting Posting, only one interface will be used.

A more tailored approach allows Recruiting Marketing users to select which content external and/or internal candidates can view. Also, applicants can now add a resume to their candidate profile when completing a data capture form to include all relevant information.

Eagerly awaiting Onboarding 2.0 …

The current Onboarding module hasn’t been swept under the rug. To gradually prepare for Onboarding 2.0, the current module has already been given the Fiori look and feel.
Homepage tiles based on hire date are now visible to all new hires that match the right criteria, not only to users created through Onboarding. Besides this, when you have ‘no outside signing’ enabled, all required signature forms are grouped into one single envelope on the Signature page. And lastly, in Manage Pending Hires, you can configure columns and column headings and sort and filter on columns.
That’s it for now, but we will be back with more when Onboarding 2.0 is ready to be launched!

Flexibly allow/deny access to Continuous Performance Management

The main adaption regarding this module is that you can select a target population to which you can grant access to Continuous Performance Management. This update will be universally pushed and will require some evaluation to see how it fits with your business processes.

Getting the most out of the mobile application

Besides the wonderful addition of ‘Ask HR’, employees can now record and easily follow up on time and attendance matters:

  • Allowances
  • Balances (for iOS users)
  • On-call time types
  • Declined time off requests
  • Half-day time off requests (for Android users)

This creates a win-win situation for both HR, which can allocate freed-up time to other relevant tasks, and for employees, whose engagement and satisfaction will increase.

Learning and Recruiting users have something to look forward to as well. Employees can now search and assign External Learning content and even complete a course via the mobile app (for Android users). Job Application template permissions are taken into account by the mobile application, and iOS users can review and edit the Job Requisition approvals via mobile.
A nice-to-have addition to the mobile app is the possibility to add a drawing or text to your screenshots before sending them to your colleagues.

If we have roused your interest and you would like to learn more, don’t hesitate to get in touch! We are always excited to see how we can evolve your business together.

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