SAP SuccessFactors 2019 Q3: more intuitive, efficient and mobile

SAP SuccessFactors 2019 Q3: more intuitive, efficient and mobile

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The world isn’t standing still – and neither is technology. The latest version of SAP SuccessFactors is even better, more efficient and provides even more opportunities to boost the productivity of your HR processes. This blog post provides you with a comprehensive peek at the most impactful features of this quarter’s release – and beyond.

SuccessFactors Employee Central (EC): highlights of this quarter’s release

Employee Central has been equipped with some high-impact new features, including:

  • New country versions for Belgium and Indonesia to support the use of payroll in EC.
  • The option to hide the priority field from users and show all tickets in Ask HR as ‘medium’.
  • A validation check controls the accuracy of new or modified addresses suggesting other possibilities in the case of a mismatch (the Netherlands only).
  • Users can browse a history of previously processed claims in Employee Profile (PPe).
  • Administrators can make visa and permit requests for users or reassign their requests to other admins to accelerate the process.
  • The new ‘Assignment ID’ is now used to identify users across the HCM suite and can easily be changed by administrators for greater flexibility than the ‘user ID’ currently used.

For time and attendance management, you can expect a range of new and intuitive features like a new central admin alerts page and the option to enable or disable recurring absences for multiple employees and to inactivate future time sheet data registered after an employee’s termination date. Even more, the SAP Time Management application by Kronos has been extended with options for full analytics and optimized scheduling. Finally, as of this release, all clients will use the new Fiori UI for Time Off.

More ways to reward and recognise your employees

The reward and recognition home page is much more employee centred in this release. Employees as well as managers can consult their awards history across all Spot Award programs. To motivate users, the employee nomination flow shows an overview of the previous and next steps, and where employees are in the process of choosing a program. Even more, on top of currency-based programs, points-based Spot Award programs are now available in the beta/early adopter program.

Succession and Presentations get an intuitive, user-friendly boost

The sorting settings for successors in position card or tile are now identical for Succession and the succession slides in Presentations. Besides this, users can add to or edit talent pool and succession nomination for a selected person in Succession, Calibration and the Presentation talent card.

Editing slide settings and content can now be done from both sorter and timeline modes. Even more, by hitting the refresh button in live slides, you instantly update the data. It’s now possible to add and edit nominations in the Nomination section on talent cards, and you can print all types of slides from presentations, including customized ones.

Gaining time and meaningful insights into your recruiting processes

Want to simplify the lives of your recruiters? This quarter’s release has that covered!

  • Take direct action on job postings from the Job Posting page of a Job Requisition.
  • Admins can pre-select job boards related to specific job requisitions.
  • Cascading picklists shorten the menu when selecting a location for an interview.
  • Email archiving in Message Center keeps your inbox clean.
  • Use the data capture form code to search for unsuccessful form submissions. Recruiters can resend the form link to candidates to give them another chance to apply.
  • A universal push toward Agency 2.0 with its fresh UI and improved user experience.

Finally, two new reports have been added for recruiting purposes. The Applicant Conversion report focusses on converting site visits to applications, interviews, offers and hires. The Average report filters conversion rates by job category, country, etc. and shows the sourcing funnel.

Note that by the end of 2019, Recruiting Dashboard will move from Recruitment Marketing to Recruiting Management, and in Q2 2020, the web service integration of Recruiting Posting will disappear. However, this change is not part of the Q3 release.

Coming up: kick off a great employee relationship with swift onboarding

The new Onboarding 2.0 solution will be available by Q4 2019. Here’s what we expect from this new release:

  • An easier rehiring process in which existing personal information is reused.
  • Increased privacy through the purging of audit data for external onboarding users.
  • Customized emails and recipient lists.
  • A custom tile on the Home Page that gives access to important onboarding documents.
  • The Process Variant Manager tool, which defines new processes as needed.
  • Offboarding 2.0, including the option of writing a farewell message, announce termination to colleagues, etc.

A brand-new Learning Administration interface coming in 2020

In Q2 2020, we expect the transition of Learning Administration from Flash to HTML, ensuring a more intuitive, inclusive look and feel of assignment profiles and online content items. By the end of 2020, all access to Flash will end and the native users functionality will be phased out in Q3 2020. Finally, after the Q4 2020 release, the Assessments Tool will be the only way to create exams. New features will be added to this tool, including timed, proctored and printed exams.

Your one-stop shop for all people analytics functions

By Q1 2020 at the latest, SAP SuccessFactors People Analytics will be the only front-end tool for people analytics. It includes the embedded edition (formerly Reporting), which combines data streams from across the SuccessFactors HCM suite. All resulting reports will be gathered in Report Center, which becomes universal for all preview instances with this release.

The advanced edition (formerly Workforce Analytics) and planning edition (formerly Workforce Planning) will allow you to discover workforce insights and build planning models founded upon them.

Going mobile, increasing employee engagement

The mobile application definitely boosts employee engagement in a variety of ways. It allows users to:

  • Make corrections to approved time sheets without logging into their PC.
  • Create activities and achievements based on their learning plans and history (Android).
  • Follow up on all feedback requests and their status (Android).
  • Edit, approve, delegate and decline Job Requisition approvals in the mobile app (iOS).
  • Use the proxy function on the web to set up a mobile profile for another user.

Eager for more details? Reach out to our team! We’d love to demonstrate how SAP SuccessFactors can take your HR processes and team to new heights in efficiency, productivity and engagement.

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