SFSF release HY 2 2020: insights from our digital HR experts

SFSF release HY 2 2020: insights from our digital HR experts

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It’s that time of the year again: the second release of SuccessFactors for 2020 has been available in preview mode for a few weeks now. To help you see the forest for the trees, we’ve compiled a focused breakdown of the new features.

Introducing an engaging new experience

When logging in into SuccessFactors, you might notice some small layout changes. More importantly though, SuccessFactors has unrolled a completely new experience for the Home Page to get employees even more engaged in every process. Check it out!


Next, the directory search has been improved and made even simpler and easier, and SAP has added a nice feature that allows you to send an email from the search directory to a group of employees.

Flexible templates in Employee Central

One of the major new functionalities in Employee Central is the ability to configure different templates for the New Hire Wizard. If you use custom portlets, they can now be included in the New Hire Wizard and you can make different templates for different countries, populations etc.

Midnight-crossing absences now possible in Time & Attendance

Finally, one of the improvements that many SuccessFactors customers have been waiting for is here! Employees working in cross-midnight shifts can now create, edit, or delete absences crossing midnight.

Posting Job Credits has been phased out in the Recruiting Module

SuccessFactors will be eliminating the Recruiting Posting Job Credits, that means only the credits for Job Boards will stay in place.

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Time-saving new features in Onboarding 2.0

As one of the ‘newer’ modules of SuccessFactors, Onboarding 2.0 receives plenty of new updates – as well as handy new features.
For example, email attachments can now be used to share documents with new hires and other stakeholders during the onboarding process. Additionally, the module offers users the flexibility to generate user and employee IDs for onboardees to smooth out integrations with other systems. 

Learning: building on a brand-new interface

Because the new admin interface was released during the first half of this year, the main content of this release is comprised of further improvements to this new admin UI. SuccessFactors has now foreseen an integration between the Learning Platform and Zoom, enabling users to organise learnings digitally – an appreciated feature in current unprecedented circumstances.

Simpler administration in Performance & Goals

New competency picker: users can select competencies using competency libraries or job roles and search for competencies using keywords. The competency picker will also be available in the Succession module.
Next, there is a new version of goal management available that unifies the entry point for both performance goals and development goals. However, a number of Goals features are not supported yet, so we are looking forward to the next release to close this gap.

Competencies are easier to find in Succession

The new competency picker has been adopted in Succession to achieve a harmonised user experience across modules where users need to add competencies. With a hierarchical structure and a search option, it's easier for users to find the competencies that they're looking for.

Talent modules are linked in Development

Enhancing the user experience across different talent modules regarding feedback, it is now possible to see feedback data from Continuous Performance Management (Achievements) in your development plan.

More customer empowerment in Compensation & Variable Pay

For the first time, users can apply custom data model fields to set up eligibility rules, offering much more flexibility to customers. Even more, the main improvements introduced by this release focus on bringing configuration possibilities towards the front end, allowing customers to manage their compensation processes more independently.
For Variable Pay, particular attention is paid to look and feel of the worksheet. This is now more aligned with the general Fiori look that SAP is applying to all of their products.

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