Transforming HR: there is no way back

Transforming HR: there is no way back

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What happens if you put six subject experts around a table and ask them to discuss a ‘hot topic’? You’re bound to get inspiring, eye-opening insights! That’s why every issue of HRmagazine, Belgium’s most widely read human resources publication, includes an in-depth ‘rondetafel’ (round table) article. This June, our colleague Bart Cools was invited to the table to discuss the topic of HR transformation.

“There’s a lot of blah blah blah, but most human resources teams are afraid to really embrace digital transformation”. Put bluntly, this is the conclusion of the round table discussion. Everyone agreed that HR talks big about digitization, automation and data, but is not yet mature enough to adopt applications that can help take HR to the next level. 

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The changing face of HR

“HR teams don’t know where to start,” says Chris Van den Berghe, SAP SuccessFactors expert. “And I understand, because they are facing huge challenges these days. While HR used to focus on payroll and administration, they have a far more strategic role to play now. They are responsible for hiring the right people and keeping staff motivated and inspired throughout their careers. That requires an entirely different skillset and, on top of that, close collaboration with the business and the management team. HR teams are often still silos working on their own islands.”

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Technology is an enabler

Flexso’s Bart Cools sees technology as an enabler to drive that transformation: “Many HR teams are afraid of technology, but there is no escape: the role of HR is changing, and technology can really help HR mature. When they push themselves out of their comfort zone and go digital, they’ll see how technology and data boost efficiency, but will also help them empower employees, feel the pulse of the staff and optimize training and recruiting, among other things. That’s how HR will add value to the business.”

The four-page entry in HRmagazine takes a deep dive into this topic. Read the article (in Dutch).

HR-transformatie: Er is geen weg terug.

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