Transparancy, the Umicore way

Transparancy, the Umicore way

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As a Top Employer, Umicore wanted to make employee data management run like a charm. The key? SAP Employee Self Service (ESS) and Manager Self Service (MSS). Self-made smiles all round.

“Together with Flexso for People, we developed a global template based on the ESS/MSS solution used at the Belgian entity. Thanks to the template – and Flexso’s expertise – we were able to roll out the solution swiftly, efficiently and within budget at all the other Umicore entities. Both the employees and the local HR services teams are delighted with the result.”
Bart Van Der Maele, Global HR Business IT Manager

Employees can now

  • Submit leave requests
  • Check their personal overview of leave and other counters
  • Manage clock in/clock out data
  • Manage and adapt personal information
  • Consult their pay slips and related documents.

Managers are able to

  • Approve leave requests and changes in clock in/clock out data
  • See all presence/absence details of their teams at a glance
  • Control and handle absences and availabilities, thanks to an overview of the open team counters (leave, overtime, etc.)
  • Appoint a colleague to manage incoming requests. 

The main benefit?

Speed. Administrative tasks are taken over by the employees, who at the same time feel more empowered. Reporting has improved a great deal as well, as managers have a complete overview of all the open counters (recuperation, leave, etc.), which enables them to swiftly deal with absences and keep track of availabilities. 

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